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Check Our Permanent Makeup Gallery

You Can Trust Lasting Looks Permanent Makeup

Count on Lasting Looks Permanent Makeup in Denver, CO, for permanent makeup procedures like eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner and full lip shading, beauty marks, breast (nipple/areola) repigmentation, stretch marks on dark skin, dry needling, scar softening and/or camouflaging, and correcting previously applied permanent makeup.

What to Expect

In this gallery you will usually see a "before”, an "immediately after" and some "healed" photos. The "before" photos may be before the client has ever had a procedure, or before corrective work was done to a procedure previously done by someone else. You will notice that the "immediately after" photos will look quite dramatic and have some swelling. That dramatic look will lighten and soften during the healing process. Looking at the "immediately after" photos is important in order to see the skill level of the person doing the procedure. The "healed" photos will show how much softer and more natural the procedure will look when it is completely healed in about 6 weeks. If there isn't a "healed" photo, it is usually because the client liked the results of their initial procedure and didn't need to come back for a touchup or the "healed" photo.


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Feel confident in choosing Lasting Looks Permanent Makeup – licensed, Board Certified, OSHA trained, in business since 1993, and recommended by clients and doctors. If you like what you see here, contact us for an appointment and tell your friends – we offer in-store credit for referrals!